Quantel Medical

World leader in ophthalmology, its lasers and ultrasounds are designed to diagnose and treat the four main causes of blindness: cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration; and also dry eye disease.

Quantel Medical offers a range of Point of Care ultrasound, perfectly designed to meet the latest imaging needs in general medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, emergency medicine and anaesthesia/resuscitation, among others.

Optimis Fusion
Optimis Fusion

Optimis Fusion

Optimis Fusion is a versatile laser platform combining YAG photodisruption treatments and advanced SLT photoregeneration therapy in one fully integrated system. Upgradable, it can easily be transformed into an anterior and posterior laser treatment platform by combing it with a compatible Quantel Medical retina laser. KEY FEATURES:

  • Premium optics for viewing both the anterior and posterior segments.
  • Quantel Medical proprietary technology: dual-mode YAG/SLT laser cavity.

Cataract and Glaucoma Laser Platform

Built into a premium Zeiss type slit lamp Optimis Fusion provides a superior vision of both the anterior and posterior chambers. It features a LED illumination source providing a sharp, bright and homogeneous illumination.

Dual-mode YAG / SLT laser cavity, optimized to produce 1064nm and 532nm nanosecond pulses from one laser cavity. Powerful, precise and efficient Nd:YAG Laser / Full-featured SLT laser Easy switch from YAG to SLT mode, easy to use software

Quantel Vitra 2
Quantel Vitra 2

Vitra 2

Ergonomic and easy to use, Vitra 2 offers a wide array of parameters tailored to the treatment of retinal pathologies. Adaptable on Haag Streit or Zeiss sit lamps, it features a unique clinically oriented user interface and software-guided treatment procedures enhancing retinal treatments. KEY FEATURES:

  • Traditional 532nm green wavelength.
  • Single Spot mode for conventional thermal retina treatments.
  • MultiSpot mode for peripheral treatments better tolerated by patients.

Retinal Photocoagulation, Simplified

Traditional Single Spot laser photocoagulation is performed using single spots with long pulse durations (100 to 200 ms). When lots of laser spots have to be delivered these laser sessions can be lengthy and taxing. The MultiSpot treatment mode bypasses of these limitations. By using shorter duration (10 to 20 ms) and pattern scan technology, multiple laser spots are delivered extremely fast in a variety of patterns, shortening the duration of the laser sessions and making the laser treatment more comfortable for both patient and surgeon. Vitra 2 is compatible with both treatment modes.

Vitra 2 provides an intuitive and versatile software user interface simplifying the SingleSpot and MultiSpot laser treatments. Built in a clinically oriented manner, it guides the operator through the laser treatment implementation steps.



Fully integrated yellow laser combining Quantel Medical exclusive fiber laser technology with single spot, multispot and subliminal treatment modes. Easyret features a unique clinically oriented user interface and software-guided treatment procedures facilitating the implementation of the laser spots and enhancing retinal treatments. KEY FEATURES:

  • Most versatile wavelength with best chromophore absorption profile.
  • Perfectly homogenous laser spot profile ensuring even laser treatments.
  • MultiSpot mode for peripheral treatments better tolerated by patients.
  • SubLiminal subthreshold mode for tissue sparing macular treatments.

Retinal Laser Therapy, Reinvented

A world first to market in photocoagulation: Fiber Laser Cavity Stemming from the ELBATM technology, developed and successfully marketed by Quantel laser for various applications, this new generation of laser cavity provides unique advantages:

  • The emission of pure 577nm yellow wavelength
  • An excellent beam quality ensuring a homogeneous laser spot profile (top hat)
  • An extended lifetime thanks to a simple, compact and reliable technology

In addition to SingleSpot and MultiSpot delivery modes, Easyret features the SubLiminal technology.

The use of this subthreshold treatment mode converts each laser shot into a “pulse envelope” composed of a customizable train of short pulses, allowing the operator to fully adjust the pulse duration (On Time) and interval (Off Time). This fined-tuned control of the laser treatment settings ensures a precise management of the thermal effect on the targeted tissues.