Tango Reflex

Introducing the SLT/YAG Multi-Modality Laser

Tango Reflex™ combines multiple treatment platforms – SLT for glaucoma, laser vitreolysis for floaters, and capsulotomy and iridotomy treatments – in a single, advanced laser system.

The new Tango Reflex™ from Ellex combines multiple treatment platforms — SLT for glaucoma, laser vitreolysis for floaters, and capsulotomy and iridotomy treatments – in a single laser system.

Featuring an intuitive tablet user interface, the multi-modality Tango Reflex™ allows you to perform the full range of anterior and poster YAG laser procedures, as well as SLT, with greater precision and clinical efficacy.

Ellex Tangoreflex

Ultra Q Reflex Laser Floater Removal

Introducing the multi-modality YAG laser from Ellex

The new Ultra Q Reflex™ is the only YAG laser designed to perform both anterior and posterior YAG treatments – and is ideally suited for the treatment of vitreous strands and opacities.

1. Capsulotomy with New Generation IOLs
2. Laser Vitreolysis for the Treatment of Floaters
3. Peripheral Iridotomy for Glaucoma

Ellex Ultra Q Reflex

Optimized for Posterior YAG Laser Treatments

Ultra Q Reflex’s proprietary slit lamp illumination tower design converges the operator’s vision, the target illumination and the treatment beam onto the same optical path, and focuses them to the same optical plane – minimizing the potential for focusing errors and the risk of damage to the natural lens or the retina. This makes Ultra Q Reflex™ ideal for targeting vitreous strands and opacities.

Optimized for Anterior YAG Laser Treatments

Featuring Ellex’s proprietary Ultra Gaussian spot profile and fast rise time, with Ultra Q Reflex™ you can perform capsulotomy and iridotomy procedures at lower, more efficient power levels – and with a reduced risk of side effects such as lens pitting, retinal thickening, increased IOP or collateral damage to surrounding structures.

Video Interview with Paul Singh, MD

Clinical studies have shown vitreolysis to be an effective treatment approach for vitreous strands and opacities. It also offers a high degree of patient satisfaction. In this video interview, Paul Singh, MD, of The Eye Centers of Racine and Kenosha, Wisconsin, discusses the fundamentals of vitreolysis in the management of floaters.

Don’t Let Floaters Cloud Your Vision

A pain-free, non-invasive laser procedure, laser vitreolysis can provide much-needed relief from your eye floaters – and help you take back your quality of vision. If you or someone close to you suffers from eye floaters, be sure to explore all of your treatment options. Ask your ophthalmologist about laser vitreolysis.


Introducing the world’s fastest SLT/YAG combination laser

Tango™ combines a full-featured SLT laser with a powerful, precise YAG laser, helping you to better manage both OAG and ACG patients, while also providing a highly effective solution for capsulotomy procedures.

Engineered and built by Ellex, Tango™ brings together 30 years of manufacturing expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver consistently better treatment results. Featuring a proprietary, patented dual-mode laser cavity, which allows you to instantly – and reliably – switch between SLT and YAG modes, combined with a custom-designed power supply that maintains optimum system stability for greater shot-to-shot consistency, Tango™ allows you to perform SLT and YAG treatments with improved accuracy and greater efficacy over the long-term.

Ellex Tango

Tango in SLT Mode

Tango’s SLT mode delivers a gentle, non-invasive approach for stimulating the generation of healthy trabecular meshwork cells and managing intraocular pressure without the burn and scar tissue associated with other laser procedures. SLT is a highly effective approach for first-line glaucoma treatments, adjunct therapy with drugs, and alternative therapy when drugs or surgery fail.

Tango in YAG Mode

Tango’s YAG mode features an Ultra Gaussian spot profile and fast rise time which allow you to perform capsulotomies and iridotomies at lower, more efficient energy levels — delivering less energy to the eye. The result is that you can perform capsulotomies with all types of IOLs and with significantly less risk of lens pitting.

Engineered to Outperform. Built to Outlast.

Tango is Engineered to be Faster and More Precise

  • Industry’s fastest firing rate at 3 shots per second: Proprietary cavity facilitates effective heat transfer and cooling, combined with rapid recharging of the pulse capacitors.
  • Precise adjustment of parameter settings at 0.1 mJ increments: Automatic calibration process, combined with a series of test-fire sequences, uses feedback from the system’s energy monitor in order to constantly adjust system output.

Tango is Manufactured for More Consistent, Reliable Performance

  • Lifespan of more than 400,000 shots: YAG optical Q-switch made from thermally matched, homogenous materials to withstand warping and erosion.
  • Greater shot-to-shot consistency: Custom-built YAG power supply with micro-controller and energy compensation algorithm.

Eye Cubed

The gold standard in ophthalmic diagnostic ultrasound

Eye Cubed features real-time imaging, advanced movie mode, real-time image enhancement and a range of self-calibrating “best fit” probes. With customized configuration of A-Scan and B-Scan modes, Eye Cubed™ covers all of your diagnostic ultrasound needs for both the posterior and anterior segments. Pre-op or post-op, A-Scan or B-Scan, retina or anterior segment: whatever your focus, Eye Cubed™ shows you more, in more detail, than any other device of its kind.

Ellex Eye Cubed

High Resolution Goes Ultra

Eye Cubed’s 40 MHz UBM mode allows you to view anterior structures such as the cornea, iris, ciliary body, crystalline and intraocular lens more clearly than ever before. Whether determining the sulcus-to-sulcus measurement for accurate ICL sizing or the angle for potential angle closure and possible YAG laser iridotomy, Eye Cubed’s 40M Hz UBM mode is the gold-standard in high-resolution ultrasound.

Images courtesy of Michele Figus, MD PhD, Chiara Posarelli, MD, and Marco Nardi, MD, University of Pisa, Italy.

Essential Technology for Your Practice

Even in an era of high-tech OCT scanning and digital imaging, ultrasound is the only means to obtain a crucial view of the posterior segment when there is a dense cataract or vitreous hemorrhage in the eye – making it one of the most fundamental diagnostic tools in ophthalmology. Detection of disorders like posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) in opaque ocular media is easily achieved with B-Scan ultrasound.

Eye One

Portable Diagnostic Ultrasound

The Eye One™ is a portable ultrasound platform that offers full coverage of all examination and measurement modes in an easy to use, compact design. The device offers the same horsepower and precision imaging as Ellex’s industry-leading Eye Cubed™, built into a compact, portable platform.

Customized To Meet Your Needs

From diagnostic A-Scan to high-frequency B-Scan, Eye One™ can be configured to cover all of your diagnostic ultrasound needs for both the posterior and anterior segments. In posterior B-Scan mode, Eye One™ detects the subtlest vitreous echoes, offering unparalleled distinction between the retina, choroid and sclera, as well as the vitreo retinal junction. In anterior 40 MHz UBM wide-field mode, Eye One™ allows you to precisely view the entire anterior segment in identifying causes of glaucoma-related disease, and to accurately and consistently measure key parameters of the angle.

Ellex Eye One
Ellex Eye One

Dislocated DA SEK Flap

Ellex Eye One

Retinal Detachment, Dislocated Lens