The First HD Cloud Based External Ocular Camera and Meibographer

The MX2 is a culmination of two years of development and doctor feedback. The external ocular camera is built upon the same platform of the original Meibox, but now offers even greater versatility and application. With built in white light, blue light and IR imaging, doctors can now turn any examination lane into an imaging platform to document a variety of ocular conditions. This development is achievable without sacrificing the portable form factor of the original Meibox, high definition imaging and integration with our cloud based software.

Form Factor

  • Portable
  • Slit lamp compatible
  • Handle mode
  • Built in Capture button
  • Annodized Aluminum

Software Advantage

Hardware is only part of the equation in terms of building a high performance camera system. Box Medical Solutions has created a cloud platform to eliminate a lot of the headaches associated with traditional technology such as expensive server maintenance costs, database that becomes obsolete and software that is not easily updated. By building the platform on a cloud server, you are ensured that your camera system will always operate on the latest software version with built in updates. Eliminate the need for paying for user licenses with a centralized database and never worry about losing data due to computer malfunctions.

  • Easy patient storage
  • Patient quick view summary
  • Image downloading
  • Printable summary reports
  • Enter patient notes and interpretation
  • Ability to enter Dry Eye Data

Everyday Applications

With the ability to perform image capture in all the necessary lighting conditions, doctors now have a wide variety of applications. Educate patients about their blepharitis and dry eye disease. Record important pathology and measure lesions for future comparison. Zoom into images for greater detail of blepharitis and smaller structures. Measure tear meniscus and meibomian gland length as part of a dry eye work up.

MX2 Camera Capabilities
MX2 Camera Software
MX2 Camera